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A Little About Our Riders

#115 David Joanis

Birthdday: 02/10/1992

Hometown: Cochrane, ON
Occupation: Racer
Years Racing: 15

Racing Class: Pro
Plate#: 115
Sled Info: 600 R

2006-07 CSRA Sport Championship
2007-08 CSRA Semi Pro Championship
2013-14 ISOC Pro Open Rookie of the Year
3 – ISOC Pro Open Podium

Memorable Moment in Racing: Getting on the podium in Deadwood SD
Hobbies: When im not training or racing I like to ride dirtbikes, jet skis and do some hunting.

Social Media:
FACEBOOK = @davejoanis
Twitter = @davejoanis
Instragram = @davejoanis

#14 Rj Roy

Birthdate: 01/14/1995

Hometown: Porcupine, ON
Occupation: Working for father’s Excavating business
Years Racing: 14 MX, 4 SX

Racing Class: Pro
Plate#: 14
Sled Info: Polaris 600 R

Racing Accomplishments:
2017 CSRA Pro Lite Championship
2016 CSRA Pro Lite Championship

Most Memorable Moment in Racing: Winning the 2016 CSRA Pro-lite championship.
How did you get started in racing? Started out recreational riding and then just progressed into snowcross as I was already doing motocross at the time.
Hobbies: Racing Bikes, Snowmobiling, Hunting, Fishing


#433 Cale Callan


Birthdate: 02/01/1999
Hometown: Springwater, ON
Years Racing: 13

Racing Class: Pro Lite
Plate#: 433
Sled Info: Polaris 600 R

Achievements: 2 Novice Championships, 2 Junior Championships, Sport 600 Championship, 2016 Most Improved Rider, 2017 Sportman Of The Year

Memorable Moment in Racing: 2017 Duluth Nationals & Planet X with Iain Hayden
Hobbies: Snowcross Racing, Motocross, Dirt Bike Riding

#434 Alexxa Callan

Birthdate: 10/12/1996
Hometown: Springwater, ON
Occupation: Student
Years Racing: 11

Racing Class: Pro Am Woman & Sport 600/Pro Lite
Plate#: 434
Sled Info: Polaris 600 R

Achievements: 2 Time National Pro Woman Championships, Sportwoman Champion, 2 Time Junior Girls Championships, 2 Time Novice Girls Championships

Memorable Moment in Racing: Podium in Duluth Nationals Pro Am Woman Class
Hobbies: Snowcross Racing, Motocross, Dirt Bike Riding, Fitness



#191 Nixen Huber

Birthdate: 01/07/2014
Hometown: Maryhill, ON
Occupation: Just being a child.
Years Racing: This will be my first year racing

Race Class: 120
Sled Info: Polaris 120 Race Sled.

Accomplishment’s: Riding a two wheeler with no training wheels
Hobbies: Watching Motocross, Hanging in the race shop, Riding my bike, Taking road trips to my papa’s house.
Memorable Moment in Racing: I am sure I will have lots this year!


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