Snowbike Rider Profile

#218 Nathan Bles

Hometown: Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Racer
Plate #: 218
Snowbike: Honda
Racing Class: CSRA Snowcross Snowbike
Racing History: Racing for 15 years. Racing Pro 7 years.
Hobbies: Motocross, Enduro riding, MTB and spending time with family.
Achievements: WEC 2013 Pro championship, Trans Can youth class 2013 championship
Most Memorable Moment in Racing: 2014 racing mx1 at Ulverton placed 4th in the first moto.

#18 Darrin Mees

Press Releases

Huber Motorsports has signed former snocross racer Darrin Mees to compete in the AMA National Snowbike series this season. Mees, who last raced on the ACS tour as a member of the BOSS Racing/Huber Motorsports Jimmy John’s team in 2015, will be piloting a Moto Trax KTM.

Since retiring from snocross Mees has relocated to Bend, Oregon with his family where he recently started M9, a suspension company that specializes in snow and moto suspension tuning. Mees, recently took part in the Winter X Games qualifier at ERX in Minnesota, finishing 8th.

Team sponsors are: Huber Motorsports, KTM, M9 Suspension, Fly Racing, Triple 9, 6D Helmets, NW Sledder, RideOR , JJW Designs

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