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PRO MX1 #2

Name: Marshal Weltin
Date of Birth: Oct 22, 1995
Hometown: Ubly, MI
Occupation: Motocross
Plate: # 2
Racing Class: PRO MX1
Race Bike: Kawasaki KX450
Racing History: I started slow racing locally in Michigan, transitioned to world wide. I raced the European Championship for 1 year, and the World Championship for one year.
Hobbies: I enjoy cycling, running, golf. When I get the chance I like to snowboard and i also enjoy cooking if I don’t have to clean up afterwards

*1st Place Prince George MX2 OA
*6th place OA Bulgaria MX2 MXGP
*3rd Place OA Portugal EMX250 MXGP
*2nd Place Open Pro Sport Loretta Lynns
*5th place MXGP Matterly Basin
*Victor Sports Indoor Series Champion 2017

Most Memorable Moment in Racing:
Racing the MXON in 2017 for Team Puerto Rico at Matterly Basin

I’m excited to join the Canadian Triple Crown Series in 2020. I enjoyed doing the National Series in 2019 and I’m going to come into 2020 ready to contend for some wins. Mr. Huber has given me the opportunity I have been searching for my whole life and I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of it!

Social Media:

PRO MX2 #157
Darian Sanayei

Name: Darian Sanayei
Date of Birth: June 14, 1996
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Motocross / Mortgage Lender / Real Estate Investor
Plate: # 157
Racing Class: 250cc
Race Bike: Kawasaki 250
Racing History: 20 years, and 6 years professional
Hobbies: stocks, eating, hanging out with friends
Achievements: 20 amateur national championships, 3 EMX250 wins, 2nd in EMX250 2019, 10 overall top 10 finishes in MXGP, 4 overall top 5s in MXGP, 2nd and 3rd moto finishes in MXGP (MX2)
Most Memorable Moment in Racing: Racing Motocross of Nations

Social Media:
FACEBOOK: Darian Sanayei
TWITTER: dsanayei
INSTAGRAM: dsanayei

85/100 #138
Dylan Rempel

Name: Dylan Rempel
Date of Birth: July 25, 2007
Hometown: Aylmer, ON
Occupation: Motorcycle Racer
Plate: # 138
Race Class: 85 12-15, Super Mini and Schoolboy 12-17
Race Bike: 85/100
Racing History: I started just racing local races and then started training and now we race all over the states and Canada
Hobbies: Hockey, snowmobile, road biking and hanging out with friends
Achievements: Getting 5th in Daytona (2020) haven’t really had nothing to big just started doing big races last year
Most Memorable Moment in Racing: freestone, mini os, spring a ding and Daytona

Social Media:
INSTAGRAM: Dylan_rempel138
SNAPCHAT: dylanrempel138

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